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Alter Set with Harness and Belt - FOR RENTAL

We currently have this for rental in one size: 67-93cm underbust, 61-98cm waist, 44-86cm thigh. It is very adjustable 🖤

Are you ready for venues to open on the 21st June, and do you have a big night out in mind? Get out there with a bang with this gorgeous set! Here it is, ready to be rented, and worn for that special night out you have been waiting for! 

Please note you'd be renting this set, not buying it, and this is subject to our rental agreement, which you can see here. By agreeing to rent an item you will be agreeing to the rental terms and conditions.

Don’t change to fit in, let it change to fit you!

We're so excited about this latest Broke Boutique range! It has been uniquely crafted to adapt to all body shapes and sizes, making you feel sexy, confident and comfortable. This ever growing collection will revolutionise your wardrobe. 

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Materials used: This design is crafted from reclaimed rubber, with brass fittings. All Broke Boutique designs are made using eco friendly and cruelty free materials.

Please note that by renting a garment you are agreeing to our Rental Terms and Conditions.