Outfit Hire

Outfit Hire

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Have you ever wanted to wear one of Broke Boutique's beautiful creations but not wanted to commit to buying one before trying it on?

Or perhaps you want a one-off outfit for that special gathering or night out you are going to? You may even be a photographer or model and wanting to hire some outfits, or even an artist... in all these cases, you can now see exactly which items are available for hire!

Simply pop the items you wish to hire in your cart, and have them shipped to you! You can also come and pick them up at the warehouse. 

Here you can find the Terms and Conditions. Do read through them since when you hire an outfit you are agreeing to these terms.

Some basic points:

  • The rental period is 10 days from hire and at the end of this period, the item needs to be back in our warehouse
  • Rental price is a quarter of the garment's retail price
  • You'll receive a giftcard of the rental price once paid, that you can use towards a future purchase (giftcard expires after 21 days)

Click here to see all items available for hire